• Website:https://shestarts.id/
  • Type of Organization:Community-based Non Governmental Organization
  • Geographic Focus:Indonesia
  • Demographic Focus:women_and_girls | rural_women
  • Top 3 Priorities:To support women economic empowerment through entrepreneurship, to help women in micro & small enterprises build profitable and sustainable business, to build a platform that supports women empowerment and creates change
  • WPS Area of Focus:Our Women, Peace, and Security Focus Areas:1. Empowering Entrepreneurial Leadership: At Shestarts.id, our core mission is to empower women to take on leadership roles in entrepreneurship and business. We recognize that women's economic participation is a critical aspect of nation economics. Our organization is dedicated to provide women with the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to establish and manage sustainable micro and small enterprises. Through comprehensive workshops, training programs, and mentorship, we equip women with the confidence and expertise to become effective entrepreneurial leaders in their communities.2. Creating Safe and Supportive Entrepreneurial Environments: We understand that women's economic success is closely linked to their safety and well-being. Shestarts.id is committed to fostering safe and supportive environments together with other stakeholders where women entrepreneurs can thrive. We address gender-based barriers and challenges that women face in business by providing mentorship, guidance, and networking opportunities. By creating a community of support, we aim to mitigate risks and ensure women's economic ventures are addressed and supported.3. Advocacy and Collaboration: Shestarts.id serves as an advocate for gender equality in entrepreneurship and economic participation. We collaborate with government agencies, industry stakeholders, and women's networks to influence policy changes that create a more supportive ecosystem for women-owned businesses. Through advocacy campaigns, public awareness initiatives, and partnerships, we work to amplify the voices of women entrepreneurs and highlight their contributions to economic growth and peace.4. Holistic Mentorship and Support Systems: Mentorship is a cornerstone of our approach at Shestarts.id. We offer holistic mentorship programs that connect experienced entrepreneurs with women who are just starting their businesses. Through one-on-one guidance, practical advice, and shared experiences, we foster a sense of community and solidarity among women entrepreneurs. This support system not only enhances business acumen but also cultivates personal growth and resilience.At Shestarts.id, our commitment to the Women, Peace, and Security agenda is reflected in our dedication to empowering women entrepreneurs. Through our focus areas, we aim to create a more inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous society where women's economic contributions are recognized and valued as a pathway to empowered nation.

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