• Website:https://singlemomsindonesia.org/
  • Type of Organization:Community-based Non Governmental Organization
  • Geographic Focus:Indonesia
  • Demographic Focus:Women and girls
  • Top 3 Priorities:Single Moms Empowerment, Single Moms Financial Independence, Mental Health for Single Moms
  • WPS Area of Focus:Single Moms Indonesia empowers single mothers nationwide, transcending their diverse backgrounds. Our ongoing commitment involves providing tailored programs that enhance soft and hard skills while fostering a safe and supportive environment for mutual assistance in group settings. We propose a multifaceted strategy to sharpen our focus and amplify our impact. This includes tailoring skill development programs to regional and industry-specific needs, prioritizing holistic well-being by addressing physical and mental health, financial literacy, legal awareness, and promoting economic empowerment through entrepreneurship training and access to microfinance opportunities. We also emphasize mentorship, role models, and advocacy efforts to inspire and support single mothers, particularly those facing systemic challenges.Furthermore, Single Moms Indonesia will extend its outreach to underserved areas, forge partnerships with other organizations, and conduct research to understand unique challenges. By sharpening our focus on these strategies, Single Moms Indonesia will continue to be a steadfast source of empowerment and resilience for single mothers throughout Indonesia, helping them overcome obstacles and flourish on their unique paths.

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