Leadership and Conflict Resolution Module for Female Parliamentary Candidates

Total Pages: 120

Organization: Search for Common Ground

Languages: Indonesian

Country/Region: Indonesia

Topic Area: Peace and security, Conflict prevention, Relief and Recovery, Governance, Leadership and political participation

Year: 2015

Resource Type: Toolkit


General Elections (Election) in Indonesia is a means to realize the sovereignty of people. The election process is an important moment because it presents representatives who are extensions of the people at the grassroots. Unfortunately, the elections that have been running for so long are still not enough to accommodate potential female candidates who are alternatives to represent the people’s voices, especially women. Although quantitatively the percentage of women’s representation in the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia has increased, this increase has not been supported by an increase in quality because not all elected members have experience in the political process. Therefore, this module was developed to strengthen the capacity of women who will participate in elections at the district/city level. The expected leadership quality is collaborative and inclusive leadership, which is present for all levels of society, not only for the group or party. Leadership is also expected to provide space for problem solving and provide alternatives in dealing with problems that arise in society. In addition, this module also seeks to help female candidates to have confidence in dealing with the community and their constituents.

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