Bangkok, March 22, 2024 — The Asia Foundation announces its partnership with the New Zealand Government on a significant 5-year regional program initiative, AMPLIFY: Amplifying women’s peace actions in ASEAN. The AMPLIFY project aims to address the underlying problem that armed conflicts and human security threats disproportionately impact women living in ASEAN.

The Women, Peace and Security Agenda (WPS), a policy framework established in 2000 through UN Security Council Resolution 1325, aims to address conflicts and their aftermath with a focus on including women in peace and security efforts. Together with locally-driven approaches to tackling human security challenges, WPS serves as a valuable tool for promoting women’s participation in peacebuilding and benefits entire communities.

Despite the commitment shown by ASEAN Member States through the adoption of the ASEAN Regional Plan of Action on Women, Peace, and Security (RPA-WPS) in 2022, progress has been inconsistent.

In response, the AMPLIFY project seeks to support women’s peace initiatives, particularly those that benefit women in insecure communities. The project will support interventions across ASEAN, focusing on Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Vietnam, with potential engagement in Timor-Leste as it prepares to join ASEAN. At the country level, the program will concentrate efforts on Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar.

“By fostering a holistic approach through this project, government and civil society will be better equipped to address complex regional challenges and contribute to a more inclusive and peaceful future for the ASEAN community,” said The Asia Foundation President Laurel Miller.

Taking a “whole of system” approach, AMPLIFY will engage women at three levels: in conflict-affected and insecure communities, within women’s civil society organizations, and among national and regional decision-makers.

The project aims to achieve three key objectives:

  1. ASEAN and ASEAN Member States demonstrate meaningful commitment to women, peace and security and advance knowledge and dialogue.
  2. Civil society organizations in ASEAN influence women, peace and security commitments and delivery of commitments.
  3. Women meaningfully participate and lead in peace and security actions in areas vulnerable to insecurity so that responses are informed by women’s voices and mitigate insecurity.

“AMPLIFY responds to human security challenges by supporting women to promote positive peace. It is a unique program that recognizes the linkages between the local, national, and regional levels in achieving WPS outcomes that are sustainable and impactful,” said Laurel Miller.

New Zealand supports AMPLIFY through the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade International Development Cooperation program.

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